Leigh Crandall is a writer and editor specializing in travel, lifestyle, and weddings. She contributes to magazines and websites including Jetsetter, About Travel, The Daily Beast, Hamptons, New York, the New York Observer, Zagat.com, and the American travel blog Glorious Americana. Leigh is also a co-founder at DUCKY, a boutique studio specializing in travel and food content.

Previously, Leigh was the managing editor at luxury travel site Jetsetter, where she oversaw the creative team and lead strategic content development for the brand across all platforms. She also served as the managing editor of Brides.com and Brides Local Magazines (Conde Nast’s regional wedding publications) where she lead the site’s Webby-honored relaunch, as well as wrote and produced travel, style, and service features both in print and online. She has also held staff positions at national magazines including Us Weekly and Rolling Stone. Leigh is the author of three gift books, including The Happy Bride’s Survival Guide, which was translated to Dutch, and A Book of Simple Pleasures, which was translated to Finnish. Get in touch by sending an email to leighcrandall@gmail.com

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